Ceracolors Featured in The Artist’s Magazine

The Artist's Magazine December 2015Ceracolors is featured in the December 2015 issue of The Artist’s Magazine, in the front-cover feature Cold Encaustic! Ceracolors does not require heat, solvents or mediums. Ceracolors share properties with traditional waterborne paint that makes it instantly familiar to painters, but it also has unique characteristics and advantages of its own. Ceracolors is an alternative to artists who do not want the fumes and heat of encaustic paint. Multimedia artists love this new medium that can be used with acrylics, watercolors, gouache, tempera and encaustic paint.

Kim Flora, an artist accustomed to working with (hot) encaustic tries Natural Pigments water-soluble (cold) wax paints, Ceracolors—and discovers something unexpected.

Her first experiment was to use Ceracolors to glaze over work she wanted to revisit. She diluted Ceracolors paint with Ceracolors Fluid Medium then, using a soft brush and also a dry brush to blend, applied the paint over the existing image in what she hoped were sensitive layers. Next she  added a heavy yet translucent layer of Ceracolors ultramarine blue in one corner and allowed it to dry overnight. The next day she worked subtractively, selectively removing areas of paint by scrubbing fairly aggressively with water and a bristle brush.

Some of the attributes Kim found surprising are:

“The semigloss surface sheen actually reminded me of another traditional painting medium, egg tempera. Ceracolors provide, however, a much less labor-intensive experience. What I do know is that as I applied the Ceracolors to the surface, it felt as if I were painting with egg tempera. Ceracolors seemed similarly suspended in the medium, and the brushstrokes lay upon one another in a similar, somewhat isolated way. Ceracolors were slippery and fun to use.

“…Ceracolors certainly are an asset to my practice. Ceracolors are a medium I will continue to use, incorporating the paints into my work moving forward. Ceracolors provided me with a vehicle to add subtle, toned glazes of color without the burden of working with less compatible oil colors.”

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