Candice Bohannon Paints with Ceracolors

California artist, Candice Bohannon, demonstrates how she uses Ceracolors to paint a small nude figure. Although Candice is an oil painter, her first attempt using Ceracolors results in a masterful study. Candice finds that using Ceracolors, whether one is an oil or water-media painter, is intuitive and familiar to the artist. Click on the video to see how she uses it.

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About George O'Hanlon

George O'Hanlon is technical director of Natural Pigments and executive director of Iconofile, an nonprofit educational organization dedicated to promoting understanding of sacred art. George received his fine arts education and apprenticeship in Mexico. Upon his return to the United States, he worked as art director and then creative director for advertising agencies in Silicon Valley, working on such major accounts as Sony, Hewlett-Packard and Ricoh. He then established a marketing communications firm that was later acquired by the Japanese chemical giant, Shin-Etsu, where we was retained as president of U.S. marketing operations. In 1992, he left this post to study traditional art techniques and then in 2001, he founded Natural Pigments and Iconofile to promote an understanding of these techniques among contemporary artists. Since that time he has formulated hundreds of artists paints and materials, including Ceracolors, a water-soluble wax paint.